Some Common True Bugs…

Below you’ll find a short collection of video-images for several examples of common true bugs found in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  I’m hopeful that these images may be of some educational use to local naturalists.  Enjoy!

Lygaeidae or Seed Bugs

Lygaeus kalmii (Small Milkweed Bug):

Oncopeltus fasciatus (Large Milkweed Bug Nymphs):

Rhopalidae or Scentless Plant Bugs

Boisea trivittata (Eastern Box Elder Bug):

Aradidae or Flat Bugs

Aradus quadrilineatus:

Coreidae or Leaf-footed Bugs

Euthochtha galeator (Helmeted Squash Bug Nymph)

Alydidae or Broad-headed Bugs

Megalotomus quinquespinosus:

Pentatomidae or Stink Bugs

Cosmopepla linteriana (Twice-stabbed Stink Bug):

Euschistus servus (Brown Stink Bug):


Miridae or Plant Bugs

Adelphocoris lineolatus (Alfalfa Plant Bug):

Lopidea (Red Plant Bug):

Metriorrhynchomirus (Black Plant Bug):

Poecilocapsus (Four-lined Plant Bug):

Stenodema (Brown Plant Bug):

Trigonotylus caelestialium (Rice Leaf Bug):

Tingidae or Lace Bugs

Corythuca arcuata (Oak Lace Bug):

Nabidae or Damsel Bugs


Reduviidae or Assassin and Ambush Bugs

Phymata (Jagged Ambush Bug):

Pygolampis pectoralis (Assassin Bug):

Reduvius personatus (Masked Hunter):

Sinea diadema (Spined Assassin Bug):

Zelus luridus (Assassin Bug):

 Membracidae or Treehoppers

Entylia carinata

Ceresa diceros

Ceresa taurina

Publica concava

Cicadellidae or Leafhoppers

Deltocephalus fuscinervosus:


Graphocephala coccinia

Paramesus major

Cercopidae or Spittlebugs

Philaenus spumarius

Aphididae or Aphids

Erisoma (Woolly Aphid):

Mordwilkoja (Poplar Vagabon-gall Aphid):

Pemphigus (Poplar Petiole-gall Aphid):

Uroleucon (Red Aphid):

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