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Our Local Lithophane: A Fascinating Genus…

Lithophane 1BLithophane 2Lithophane 3Lithophane 4Lithophane 5Lithophane 6Lithophane 8Lithophane 9Lithophane 11Lithophane 7Lithophane 10

We may find perhaps 8-12 species of overwintering Lithophane in northeastern North Dakota.  Examples of some of these species are shown above.  (Go to pages 464-469 in the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America to view images of these as well as many other Lithophane species.)

Moth Book

When warmer weather finally arrives, perhaps in May and early June, I will continue my systematic effort to collect images (and selected individuals) of our local Lithophane

Photographic images of this genus are archived as North Dakota specimens at  Collected specimens are archived in the North Dakota State Insect Research Collection, Department of Entomology, Dept. 7650, North Dakota State University, P.O. Box 6050, Fargo, North Dakota 58108-6050.  Contact Dr. Jerry Fauske, Research Specialist and Collection Manager, NDSIRC, for further information about North Dakota Lithophane.

Much Ado About Mothing…

Jennifer Johnson, writer for the Grand Forks Herald, published a  story for National Moth Week 2013.  This digital reprint of Johnson’s 24 July 2013 article shares the mothing interests of Becky Simmons, Laci Prucinsky, Heidi Connahs, Jerry Fauske, and Carl Barrentine.

Moth Week 2013.1 Moth Week 2013.2

Selected Shorts: Instructional Videos


A Couple of North Dakota Moth-watchers

Carl and Jerry

Carl Barrentine and Jerry Fauske

Mothing 99: Making Moth Food

Mothing 100: Light Trapping Moths

Mothing 101: Catching Moths

Mothing 102: Introduction to Pinning

Mothing 103: Two Useful Pinning Techniques

Mothing 202: Photography–An Affordable Set-up…

Mothing 203: Blacklighting

Selected Midwestern Moths: Video Links

Carl 1 

Part 1: Common Micromoths (11 Families, 21 Genera)

Part 2: Common Tortrix, Cochylid, Archip, and Sparganothid Leafroller Moths (Family Tortricidae)

Part 3: Common Olethreutine Moths (Family Tortricidae)

Part 4: Common Pyralid Moths (Family Pyralidae)

Part 5: Common Grass-Veneer and Donacaula Moths (Family Crambidae)

Part 6: Common Aquatic Crambid and Pyraustine Moths (Family Crambidae)

Part 7: Common Thyatirid and Scoopwing Moths (Families Depranidae and Uraniidae)

Part 8: Common Carpet and Pug Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 9: Common Wave and Emerald Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 10: Common Typical Geometer Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 11: Common Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths (Family Lasiocampidae)

Part 12: Common Sphinx Moths (Family Sphingidae)

Part 13: Common Prominent Moths (Family Notodontidae)

Part 14: Common Lichen Moths and Tiger Moths (Family Erebidae)

Part 15: Common Litter Moths, Snout Moths, and Assorted Owlets (Family Erebidae)

Part 16: Common Underwing, Zale, and Nola Moths (Families Erebidae and Nolidae)

Part 17: Common Looper Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 18: Common Glyph, Bird-dropping, Panthea, and Brother Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 19: Common Dagger, Marsh, and Bird-dropping Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 20: Common Hooded Owlets, Sallows, Wood-Nymphs, and Groundlings (Family Noctuidae)

Part 21: Common Flower, Phosphila, Midget, Caradrine, and Angle Shade Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 22: Common Apamea, Brocade, and Borer Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 23: Common Swordgrass, Pinion, and Xylenine Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 24: Common Quaker, Woodling, Woodgrain, Arch and Wainscot Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 25: Common Dart Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Anticipating the 2014 Mothing Season…

Xanthia tatago 3Papaipema arctivorens 4Papaipema cerina

Welcome to the upcoming

2014 Mothing Season! 

Please go to my site to view 2013 moth species:

Look for these 30 Spring moth taxa during March and April:

Agonopterix clemensella Agonopterix    Plutella xylostella Plutella

Gelechiid B Gelechiidae      Acleris (6) Acleris

Proteoteras aesculana Proteoteras     Epinotia 1A Epinotia

Alucita montana Alucita             Emmelina monodactyla Emmelina

 Nomophila nearctica Nomophila    Eupithecia ravocostaliata Eupithecia

Alsophila pometaria 2 Alsophila                Ectropis crepuscularia Ectropis

Phigalia titea Phigalia         Paleacrita vernata Paleacrita 

Phoberia (2) Phoberia        Anagrapha falcifera Anagrapha

Simyra Simyra          Psaphida B Psaphida

Copivaleria grotei Copivaleria  Xylena nupera Xylena

Lithopane bethunei Lithophane   Eupsilia vinulenta 2 Eupsilia

  Ufeus satyricus Ufeus            Orthosia Orthosia

 Sunira bicolorago 4 Sunira          Egira Egira   

Mythimna unipuncta 6 Mythimna    Peridroma saucia 2 Peridroma 

Agrotis ipsilon Agrotis          Cerastis 1 Cerastis 

Click on the link below to view a more comprehensive video compilation of early season moth genera common to northeastern North Dakota.

To learn about National Moth Week 2014, click on the link below.