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Common Darts: Subfamily Noctuinae, Tribe Noctuini…

Noct 1Noct 2B Noct 3BNoct 3C Noct 4Noct 5 Noct 6Noct 15Noct 7Noct 8B Noct 9Noct 10C Noct 11BNoct 12 Noct 13Noct 14 Noct 15Noct 16 Noct 17Noct 18 Noct 19Noct 20Noct 21 Noct 22Noct 24Noct 25 Noct 26BNoct 27

This collage of images introduces our common local Dart Moths (Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Noctuinae, Tribe Noctuini).  I reckon this batch of photos may include examples of 14 genera and 26-27 species, all found and photographed in northeastern North Dakota. But I could be ‘way wrong’ about the identity of a couple of these specimens, so I’m hoping you’ll help me. 

See if you can identify a few of these Darts by matching them with images found on pages 506-527 of the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America.  But remember, suicide is not an option if you find yourself getting frustrated.  Try doing what I do:  take a break, brew-up a pot-o-tea, pour yourself a cup, chant ‘Om‘ for a half-hour, and then return to the task.  If after three iterations this does not work well for you, then substitute a good bottle of cabernet sauvignon for the pot-o-tea and resume the task tomorrow.

Moth Book

So you say that you’re the sort of moth’er who has masochistic inclinations?  Well, then, this link to Moth Photographer’s Guide’s North American Noctuinae may offer the Sisyphean challenge you’re seeking: http://mothphotographersgroup.msstate.edu/pinned.php?plate=33&size=m&sort=h