Some Common Beetles…

A few years ago collected video-images of common beetles found in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  Perhaps these images, which I’ll archive here, may be of some educational use to local naturalists.  Enjoy! 

Carabidae or Ground Beetles

Brachinus (Bombardier Beetle):

Callisthenes calidus (Fiery Hunter):

Carabus serratus:

Cicindela duodecemguttata (Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle):

Cicindela repanda (Bronzed Tiger Beetle):–CUHwyeyz4

Cicindela sexguttata (Six-spotted Tiger Beetle):


Scarabaeidae or Scarab Beetles

Dichelonyx (Small May Beetle):

Onythophagus hecate (Scooped Scarab Beetle):

Osmoderma subplanata:

Phyllophaga (Large May Beetle):

Popillia japonica (Japanese Beetle):

Trichiotinus piger (Bee-like Flower Beetle):

Lucanidae or Stag Beetles


Coccinellidae or Lady Beetles

Adalia bipunctata (Two-spotted Lady Beetle):

Anatis labiculata (Fifteen-spotted Lady Beetle):

Coccinella septempunctata (Seven-spotted Lady Beetle):

Cycloneda munda (Polished Lady Beetle):

Harmonia axyridis (Asian Lady Beetle):

Hippodamia convergens (Convergent Lady Beetle):

Hippodamia moesta (Sorrowful Lady Beetle):

Hippodamia parenthesis (Parenthesis Lady Beetle):

Hippodamia tredecmpunctata (Thirteen-spotted Lady Beetle):

Meloidae or Blister Beetles




Pyrochroidae  or Fire-colored Beetles


Cleridae or Checkered Beetles


Dermestidae or Skin and Carpet Beetles

Dermestes lardarius:

Curculionidae or True Weevils

Curculio(Acorn Weevil):


Polydrusus impressifrons (Broad-nosed Weevil):

Rhyssomatus lineaticollis (Milkweed Stem Weevil):

Sciaphilus (Broad-nosed Weevil):

Brentidae or Straight-snouted Weevils

Arrhenodes minutus (Oak Timberworm Weevil):

 Chrysomelidae or Leaf Beetles

Anomoea aticlavia (Clay-colored Leaf Beetle):

Cassida rubiginosa (Thistle Tortoise Beetle):

Diabrotica (Spotted Cucumber Beetle):

Labidomera clivicollis (Milkweed Swamp Beetle):

Leptinotarsa desemlineata (Colorado Potato Beetle):

Trirhabda (Skeletonizing Leaf Beetle, Larva):

Nitidulidae or Sap Beetles

Glischrochilus quadrisignatus (Four-spotted Sap Beetle):

Lampyridae or Fireflies

Ellychnia corrusca (Diurnal Firefly):

Lucidota atra (Black Firefly):


Pyractomena borealis:

Cantharidae or Soldier Beetles

Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus (Goldenrod Soldier Beetle):

Malthacus piniphilus:


Cerambycidae or Long-horned Beetles

Astylopsis sexguttata (Flat-faced Long-horn beetle):


Clytus ruricola (Round-necked Long-horned Beetle):

Cyrtophorus verrucosus Round-necked Long-horned Beetle):

Hyperplatys aspersa (Spotted Long-horned Beetle):


Lepturopsis (Flower Long-horned Beetle):

Monochamus scutellatus (White-spotted Sawyer Beetle):

Neoclytus (Red-headed Ash Borer):

Neandra brunnea (Pole Borer):

Stenocorus schaumii (Flower Long-horned Beetle):

Stranglalepta abbreviate (Flower Long-horned Beetle):

Tetraopes femoratus (Milkweed Borer):


Typocerus velutinus (Banded Long-horned Beetle):

Xylotrechus sagittatus (Arrowhead Borer):

 Buprestidae or Metallic Woodborers

Agrilus cyanescens:

Brachys aerosus:


Elateridae or Click Beetles

Agriotes fucosus:

Ampedus (Black-tailed Click Beetle):

Melanotus similis:

Silphidae or Carrion Beetles


Necrophila americana (American Carrion Beetle):

Nicrophorus orbicollis (Burying Beetle):

Nicrophorus tomentosus (Burying Beetle):

Oiceoptoma novaboracense (Margined Carrion Beetle):

Staphylinidae or Rove Beetles

Philonthus caeruleipennis:


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