Gall Wasps, Sawflies, Gall Midges and Scales…

A few years ago I wandered around northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota collecting images of selected common Gall Wasps, Sawflies, Gall Midges, and Tortoise Scales.  These images are collected and archived below with the hope that they may one day be useful to local naturalists.  Enjoy!

Cynipidae or Gall Wasps

Besbicus mirabilis (Western Speckled Oak Gall):

Neuroterus saltatorius (Jumping Oak Gall):

Tenthredinidae or Sawflies

Nematus ribesii (Currant Sawfly Larva):

Periclista (Sawfly Larva):

Pontania (Willow Leaf Gall):

Tenthredo varipicta (Sawfly Adult):

Tethida barda (Black-headed Ash Sawfly Adult):

Cecidomyiidae or Gall Midges

Continaria negundinis (Gouty Veingall Midge Larva):

Coccidae or Tortoise Scales

Pulvinaria (Cottony Scale):


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