Common Spiders…

A few years ago I collected video-images of selected common spiders found in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  I’m archiving those images here with the hope that they may be of some educational use to local naturalists.  Enjoy!

Theridiidae or Cobweb Weavers



Linyphiidae or Sheetweb Spiders

Certicelus (Dwarf Spider):

Frontella communis (Bowl and Doily Weaver):

Hypselistes florens (Splendid Dwarf Spider):

Microlinyphia mandibulata (Ant Mimic Spider):

Neriene radiate (Filmy Dome Spider):

Araneidae or Orbweavers

Araniella displicata (Six-spotted Orbweaver):

Argiope aurantia (Yellow Garden Spider):


Tetragnathidae or Long-jawed Orbweavers

Tetragnatha (Mating):

Tetragnatha (Hunting):

Tetragnatha (Horizontal Web):

Pisauridae or Nursery Web Spiders

Dolomedes tenebrosus (Dark Fishing Spider):

Dolomedes triton (Six-spotted Fishing Spider):

Pisaurina mira (Nursery Web Spider):

Lycosidae or Wolf Spiders

Trochosa terricola

Agelenidae or Funnel Weavers

Agelenopsis (Grass Spider):

Thomisidae or Crab Spiders

Bassaniana utahensis

 Misumena vatia (Goldenrod Crab Spider):

Misumenoides (White-banded Crab Spider):


Philodromidae or Running Crab Spiders

Philodromus (Inconspicuous Running Crab Spider):

Salticidae or Jumping Spiders

Eris militaris (Bronze Jumping Spider):

Phidippus (Bold Jumping Spider):

Salticus scenicus (Zebra Jumping Spider):

Dictynidae or Meshweb Weavers


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