Twirler Moths: Family Gelechiidae…

Gel 1Gel 2Gel 3 Gel 4Gel 5Gel 6 Gel 7Gel 8Gel 9 Gel 10Gel 11

These images introduce some of our local Twirler Moths (Family Gelechiidae).  Images shown here probably represent 7-8 different genera and 10-11 species, all of which were found and photographed in northeastern North Dakota or northwestern Minnesota.    Candidly, I find these ‘Microleps’, these very small Twirler Moths, very difficult to find, extremely difficult photograph, and exceedingly difficult to identify.  😉 

Why don’t you try to identity a few of these moths by matching these Twirler Moth images with images found on pages 60-69 of the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America? Moth Book Click on this link to the Moth Photographer’s Guide to view many, many more images of Gelechiid Moths:


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