Matching Local Caterpillars with Moths…

Matching adult moths to their larval forms is a particular challenge for me.  The learning curve seems especially steep, but I continue to make slow progress.  I hope to match several more local species in the upcoming year.  Perhaps I can recruit some local volunteers to help with this long-term project? 

I’m thankful for the continuing help of John and Jane Balaban (@ as well as to the authors of these two texts: David Wagner (Caterpillars of Eastern North America, Princeton University Press, 2005) and David Wagner, Dale Schweitzer, J. Bolling Sullivan and Richard Reardon (Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America, Princeton University Press, 2011).

Cat 1Cat 1B

Prionoxystus robinae (2693)

Cat 2Cat 2B

Grammia virguncula (8175)

 Cat 3Cat 3A

Spaelotis clandestina (10926)

Cat 4Cat 4B

Schizura unicornis (8007)

Cat 5Cat 5B

Peridroma saucia (10915)

Cat 6Cat 6B

Eupithecia ravocostaliata (7605)

Cat 7Cat 7B

Hypoprepia fucosa (8090)

Cat 8CCat 8B

Catocala cerogama (8802)

Cat 9CCat 9B

Phigalia strigataria (6660)

 Cat 10CCat 10B

Sunira bicolorago (9957)

Cat 11Cat 11B

Amphipyra pyramidoides (9638)

Cat 12Cat 12B

 Alsophila pometaria (6258)

Cat 13Cat 13B

 Psaphida rolandi (10014)

Cat 14Cat 14B

 Nephelodes minians (10524)

Cat 15Cat 15B

 Simyra insularis (9280)

Cat 16Cat 16B

 Gluphisia septentrionis (7931)

Cat 17Cat 17C

 Ennomos subsignaria (6798)

Cat 18Cat 18B

 Phigalia titea (6658)

Cat 19Cat 19B

 Euchaetes egle (8238)



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