Local Litter Moths: Subfamily Herminiinae…

Herm 1Herm 10BHerm 8BHerm 3Herm 4Herm 5Herm 7Herm 12 Herm 9Herm 11 Herm 2Herm 13Herm 14Herm 6

These small moths represent our common local Litter Moths (Family Erebidae, Subfamily Herminiinae).  Shown here are examples of 6 genera and 14 species that I’ve found and photographed in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

Can you can identify a few of these moths by matching them with images found on pages 310-321 of the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America?  Why not give it a try! 

Moth Book

Are you ready to be bewildered?  If so, then please click on this link to find many excellent photographs showing important taxonomic features of many North American species of Litter Moths archived in the Moth Photographers Guide: http://mothphotographersgroup.msstate.edu/pinned.php?plate=24&size=m&sort=h


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