Local Archips Leafrollers: Tribe Archipini…

Arch 1Arch 2 Arch 3Arch 4 Arch 5Arch 6Arch 7Arch 7BArch 8Arch 9Arch 10Arch 11BArch 11CArch 12Arch 13Arch 14BArch 15Arch 16

Archips Leafrollers are small moths, usually about a centimeter in length.  They are in the Family Tortricidae, and are very similar to the Tortrix Leafrollers that were featured earlier on this site.  The 18 Archips Leafrollers shown here represent 8 genera and at least 16 common species found in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  I hope to catch and photograph many more species of local Archipini this summer, 2014.

Try to identify the moths in the photographs above by matching them with images found on pages 96-102 in the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America

Moth Book

How many different species of Archips Leafrollers can you find?

Want to see more?  Brace yourself, and then click on this link to the Moth Photographers Guide where you will find many, many more pinned examples of Archipini species: http://mothphotographersgroup.msstate.edu/pinned.php?plate=09.1&size=m&sort=h

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