Selected Midwestern Moths: Video Links

Carl 1 

Part 1: Common Micromoths (11 Families, 21 Genera)

Part 2: Common Tortrix, Cochylid, Archip, and Sparganothid Leafroller Moths (Family Tortricidae)

Part 3: Common Olethreutine Moths (Family Tortricidae)

Part 4: Common Pyralid Moths (Family Pyralidae)

Part 5: Common Grass-Veneer and Donacaula Moths (Family Crambidae)

Part 6: Common Aquatic Crambid and Pyraustine Moths (Family Crambidae)

Part 7: Common Thyatirid and Scoopwing Moths (Families Depranidae and Uraniidae)

Part 8: Common Carpet and Pug Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 9: Common Wave and Emerald Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 10: Common Typical Geometer Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 11: Common Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths (Family Lasiocampidae)

Part 12: Common Sphinx Moths (Family Sphingidae)

Part 13: Common Prominent Moths (Family Notodontidae)

Part 14: Common Lichen Moths and Tiger Moths (Family Erebidae)

Part 15: Common Litter Moths, Snout Moths, and Assorted Owlets (Family Erebidae)

Part 16: Common Underwing, Zale, and Nola Moths (Families Erebidae and Nolidae)

Part 17: Common Looper Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 18: Common Glyph, Bird-dropping, Panthea, and Brother Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 19: Common Dagger, Marsh, and Bird-dropping Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 20: Common Hooded Owlets, Sallows, Wood-Nymphs, and Groundlings (Family Noctuidae)

Part 21: Common Flower, Phosphila, Midget, Caradrine, and Angle Shade Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 22: Common Apamea, Brocade, and Borer Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 23: Common Swordgrass, Pinion, and Xylenine Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 24: Common Quaker, Woodling, Woodgrain, Arch and Wainscot Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 25: Common Dart Moths (Family Noctuidae)

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