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Much Ado About Mothing…

Jennifer Johnson, writer for the Grand Forks Herald, published a  story for National Moth Week 2013.  This digital reprint of Johnson’s 24 July 2013 article shares the mothing interests of Becky Simmons, Laci Prucinsky, Heidi Connahs, Jerry Fauske, and Carl Barrentine.

Moth Week 2013.1 Moth Week 2013.2

Selected Shorts: Instructional Videos


A Couple of North Dakota Moth-watchers

Carl and Jerry

Carl Barrentine and Jerry Fauske

Mothing 99: Making Moth Food

Mothing 100: Light Trapping Moths

Mothing 101: Catching Moths

Mothing 102: Introduction to Pinning

Mothing 103: Two Useful Pinning Techniques

Mothing 202: Photography–An Affordable Set-up…

Mothing 203: Blacklighting

Selected Midwestern Moths: Video Links

Carl 1 

Part 1: Common Micromoths (11 Families, 21 Genera)

Part 2: Common Tortrix, Cochylid, Archip, and Sparganothid Leafroller Moths (Family Tortricidae)

Part 3: Common Olethreutine Moths (Family Tortricidae)

Part 4: Common Pyralid Moths (Family Pyralidae)

Part 5: Common Grass-Veneer and Donacaula Moths (Family Crambidae)

Part 6: Common Aquatic Crambid and Pyraustine Moths (Family Crambidae)

Part 7: Common Thyatirid and Scoopwing Moths (Families Depranidae and Uraniidae)

Part 8: Common Carpet and Pug Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 9: Common Wave and Emerald Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 10: Common Typical Geometer Moths (Family Geometridae)

Part 11: Common Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths (Family Lasiocampidae)

Part 12: Common Sphinx Moths (Family Sphingidae)

Part 13: Common Prominent Moths (Family Notodontidae)

Part 14: Common Lichen Moths and Tiger Moths (Family Erebidae)

Part 15: Common Litter Moths, Snout Moths, and Assorted Owlets (Family Erebidae)

Part 16: Common Underwing, Zale, and Nola Moths (Families Erebidae and Nolidae)

Part 17: Common Looper Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 18: Common Glyph, Bird-dropping, Panthea, and Brother Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 19: Common Dagger, Marsh, and Bird-dropping Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 20: Common Hooded Owlets, Sallows, Wood-Nymphs, and Groundlings (Family Noctuidae)

Part 21: Common Flower, Phosphila, Midget, Caradrine, and Angle Shade Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 22: Common Apamea, Brocade, and Borer Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 23: Common Swordgrass, Pinion, and Xylenine Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 24: Common Quaker, Woodling, Woodgrain, Arch and Wainscot Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Part 25: Common Dart Moths (Family Noctuidae)