Anticipating the 2014 Mothing Season…

Xanthia tatago 3Papaipema arctivorens 4Papaipema cerina

Welcome to the upcoming

2014 Mothing Season! 

Please go to my site to view 2013 moth species:

Look for these 30 Spring moth taxa during March and April:

Agonopterix clemensella Agonopterix    Plutella xylostella Plutella

Gelechiid B Gelechiidae      Acleris (6) Acleris

Proteoteras aesculana Proteoteras     Epinotia 1A Epinotia

Alucita montana Alucita             Emmelina monodactyla Emmelina

 Nomophila nearctica Nomophila    Eupithecia ravocostaliata Eupithecia

Alsophila pometaria 2 Alsophila                Ectropis crepuscularia Ectropis

Phigalia titea Phigalia         Paleacrita vernata Paleacrita 

Phoberia (2) Phoberia        Anagrapha falcifera Anagrapha

Simyra Simyra          Psaphida B Psaphida

Copivaleria grotei Copivaleria  Xylena nupera Xylena

Lithopane bethunei Lithophane   Eupsilia vinulenta 2 Eupsilia

  Ufeus satyricus Ufeus            Orthosia Orthosia

 Sunira bicolorago 4 Sunira          Egira Egira   

Mythimna unipuncta 6 Mythimna    Peridroma saucia 2 Peridroma 

Agrotis ipsilon Agrotis          Cerastis 1 Cerastis 

Click on the link below to view a more comprehensive video compilation of early season moth genera common to northeastern North Dakota.

To learn about National Moth Week 2014, click on the link below.

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